Signs Of The End Times

In many sects of Christianity, people believe that a rapture will occur. This rapture, according to people who hold this belief, will signify the beginning of the end of times as people currently know it. Many believe that, before this time comes, there will be many signs that will indicate it is forthcoming. Whether you believe in this theology yourself or not, it is a fascinating thing to learn about. And, it becomes even more fascinating when you realize that many of the signs are already happening.

Claims of Godhood

One thing that many people believe will signify the end times is a plethora of people coming forth and claiming themselves to be Christ, God, and/or the Messiah. This has actually happened many times throughout history and is even happening now. However, this trend will happen in large numbers when the end times are near, according to those who believe in this theory.

Increased Knowledge

Much of what people believe signifies the end times is based on interpretations of biblical texts. The book of Daniel, for example, mentions how people will gain increased knowledge as the end of the earth draws near.

Many people speculate that modern humans are certainly living in a time of increased knowledge. The world is growing and expanding rapidly, the internet provides unlimited access to knowledge, and education is slowly becoming more accessible. Many believe that all of these indicators point to a world that is drawing to a close.

National Disputes

Another book that many people draw end times signs from is the book of Revelation. This book points to the fact that disputes among nations will occur frequently during the end times.

Anyone who has paid any attention to the modern political climate knows that such disputes are happening right now and have been happening for some time. Many view this fact as evidence for an ending world.


People love to point to the biblical admonition, also in Revelation, that, in the end times, people will not be able to buy or sell goods unless they have a special mark.

While it is unclear what this mark might be, many people point to the growing trend of cryptocurrency. This is a nationwide spending system which will require special knowledge and technology to use, which some think is exactly what Revelation is talking about.

While all kinds of theories exist about the end times, it's best to go to trusted books that incorporate biblical prophecies that fit into your beliefs. These Bible prophecy end times books will typically give you information that you can understand and study effectively.

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