Do You Facilitate A Support Group? 3 Lessons You Can Teach With A Female Mountaineer Memoir

Serving as a support group facilitator allows you to enjoy the rewards that come with helping others. While you may have a fairly defined plan to follow, it also helps to throw in some new tools to help the people in your group make progress in their lives.

Storytelling has long been an effective way to share life lessons in a way that is easier to understand and more memorable than other teaching strategies. Exploring these three life lessons that people can learn by reading a female mountaineer memoir can help you start thinking about how this type of book could help the members of your group.

Demonstrate the Importance of Perseverance

For some people, getting into a book is hard when they have the constant excitement of social media at their fingertips. But, a book about mountaineering transports the members of your group straight to awe-inspiring scenes that will capture their attention. While books about mountaineers tend to be filled with descriptions of death-defying survival scenarios, there is much more to take from the stories than just a few thrills.

You can use the mountaineer's recollections as opportunities to talk about overcoming challenges. Although the members of your group might not face a sudden avalanche or drop in oxygen, they can take the lessons the mountaineer shares and apply them to their life to overcome their personal obstacles in life.

Highlight the Benefits of Taking Calculated Risks

Few things are worse than being stuck in a revolving cycle that doesn't yield positive results. If you have members in your support group that seem frozen with fear, then reading a mountaineer autobiography can serve as an introduction to the amazing things that can happen when someone steps out of their comfort zone.

Not everyone has to scale an actual mountain, but reading about someone who did can inspire the people in your group to go on a solo vacation or even plan their own small mountain hike.

Discuss the Depths of Self-Discovery

Mountaineers understand that you sometimes have to push past what you thought were your limits to discover what you are truly made of, and reading someone's memoirs brings this concept into greater focus. Each member of your group is on their own personal mission of self-discovery, and they can use this book as inspiration to delve even deeper into understanding who they are, where they come from, and where they want to go.

Whether you read a chapter at a time and discuss it or hold a discussion after everyone reads the whole book, you can bet that there will be some interesting insights that people glean from reading the mountaineer's life lessons. Look up female mountaineers, such as Vanessa O'Brien, to get started. 

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